Monday, March 27, 2006

Endangered Species PowerPoint Presentations

Students researched an endangered species of their choice and created PowerPoint presentations based on what they found out. Students learned how to make a PowerPoint presentation in class and through online tutorials. Their final projects were a collaborative effort with their partner, and were completed with very little teacher input. This was also the students' first experience with doing a work's cited page (bibliography).

Common Skate (Hanna 31 & Bethany B.)

Endangered Oranutangs (Miranda & Rachel W.)

Endangered Oribi - Oribi on the Run (Leah H. & Jacob T.)

The Golden Lion Tamarin (Tori S., Raquel J., and Courtney W.)

Giant Pandas (Cecilie B. & Chelsea A.)

Green Sea Turtle (Jordyn C. and Celia S.)

Komodo Dragon: Friend or Foe? You Decide. (Drew S. & Alex C.)

Maned Wolf: 2Cool2Be4Gotten (Eric & Zac)

The Most Endangered: The Baiji Dolphin (Elizabeth M. & Samantha M.)

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea (Audrey & Hannah 18)

Peregrine Falcon: Species at Risk (Brandon & Alex L.)

Save the Killer Whale (Chris A. and Mark H.)

Jamestown Arguments

Here are some of the Jamestown Starving Time arguments students wrote after analyzing both primary and secondary sources (functional documents). What do you think happened? Read on to find out!

Samantha & Naomi's Argument

Elizabeth's Argument

Hanna S.'s Argument

Hanna 18's Argument