Monday, November 20, 2006

Illustrated Poems

Students read poems and using their visualization strategies, illustrated them! To see an illustration full size, click on the picture. Sorry for the delay in the newest additions!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Alliteration! Class of 2006 - 7

Here are all the scanned images of your alliteration illustrations. If you completed your alliteration example and it is not posted here, it is because:
  1. your example/picture was too messy to read,
  2. you didn't turn it in,
  3. it didn't make sense, or
  4. it didn't scan correctly.
A big thank you goes out to Rachel L. for donating a scanner to our class! It's awesome for us to be able to post our artwork to our blog. Also, I must add that after I taught Kayla how to scan images to Photoshop, rotate images, and save to the correct file, she did an absolutely wonderful job teaching the rest of the class while I conferenced with students still writing their memoirs. I think about half of my students now know how to use my laptop and scanner correctly because of her!! Thank you Kayla!

Remember, to see the full sized image, just click on the picture!